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Manual Orbital Series

ORBITOP Orbital grinding machine

Orbitop is a compact and small grinder machine, with a diameter of 28cm and 1hp - 1400 rpm motor: it is good for artisans, and it guarantees low efforts. It is also used for washing, cleaning, micropolishing and polishing floors in small aeras or for daily maintenance of tops, stairs, under-stairs unit and small aeras like bathrooms.


  • Handy: thanks to its anti-vibrant handles, the operator's efforts are minimised
  • Comfortable: this machine can be used for an entire day thanks to the vibration reduction system
  • Practical: thanks to its weight -23kg-, the machine can be used with one hand only
  • Sturdy handles for lifting or pushing on the surface ON-OFF button: selector for turning the machine on and off.
  • Thanks to one HANDLE it can be turned into a single brush for polishing stairs and small areas.
  • Safe: the plate's oscillation avoid any danger while operating the machine, preventing the cable to get stuck and the machine to start working from the side, which could hit walls or obstacles, causing damages.
Orbital grinding Machine Orbitop- Lma Machine
Orbital grinding Machine Orbitop - Lma Machine

Innovative resinbond discs to achieve a
mirror-polishing result!

Special and unique resinbond diamond discs studied and developed in our laboratories with an innovative formula, they allow to mirror-polish marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo and natural stones floors without the use of polishing powders in just 3 steps.


Diamond pads Innovative
eco-friendly diamond PADS

To easily restore the floors with maximum efficiency. Ecological line with minimum material waste and maximum durability.
With TRAXOPAD it is possible to choose between 4 different finishes: glossy, semi-glossy, satin or matt.
Compatible with all traditional single-disc machines.

Amazing machines for guaranteed success!!

Grinding machines, single-brushes machines, industrial and professional vacuum cleaners, chemical products, cleaning sector, wood sector, diamond tools, flooring preparation sector: with its different areas of action, Lma Machine offers the combined manufacturing of grinding machines and tools that are needed for their operation. A winning combination, a detail that makes the company unique in its sector. The very high level of specialization allows to provide a high performance in terms of performance and, at the same time, a strong ability to customize products.

Versatile planetary industrial grinding machine, perfect for heavy duty grinding jobs but also for polishing jobs in medium-space industrial areas and in small civil areas.

It is the first grinding machine in the world to have an ergonomic handle with ROTATION SYSTEM for DASHBOARD CONTROL.
Drop design adjustable metallic splash guard which allows, during the dry working phases, to let the grinding powders flow back: no more clogging while working!

LEADER MACHINE is the biggest single-phase professional grinding machine.
Powerful single-phase grinding machine designed for heavy duty grinding and preparation jobs on different types of civil and industrial floors like marble, concrete, granite, terrazzo and natural stones.
It can operates both as grinding machine and single-brush machine, easily interchangeable.

Who we are

Born in 2017, in a few years LMA Machine has become a reference point in its sector, not only in Italy, but also abroad. Dynamic and young, the company has persons that boast twenty years of experience in the design and production of diamond equipment and tools designed for the grinding field of civil and industrial floors and for the cleaning sector. The ambition to offer the market an increasingly better product, has led LMA to develop new production technologies. Since its launch, the company has made research and development a model to follow daily.

In addition to the entire Italian territory, LMA is present in more than 25 countries.

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